Production Capacity

Since investment castings minimize machining, you can upgrade materials to attain higher mechanical properties and stronger parts.

Whenever you have a project that requires metal components, Prozen can provide the investment casting design assistance to make your product a success. We encourage you to take advantages of our competence.

For manufacturing/construction pf metallic Die/Tooling which, in fact, used as a negative replica of the Investment Cast Component, we have with us all CAD/CAM facilities.

CAD/CAM & Tooling

Development of Investment Castings Drawing (I.C. Drawing) On receipt of the machining drawings which are sctutinized & vatted and IC Drawing is prepared with the help of CAD/CAM facilitind.

Selection of Die Material

Depending on numbers of Cavities, Complexity of Die, Life of Die, Dimensional stability etc.

Development of Die

Proper care is taken white development of die like:

  • Dowels Pins should be hardened, ground, slide fitting in the bush
  • Mismatch of parting line
  • Proper machining & matching of internal all fittings without pins/burrs
  • Die block faces to be ground finish, perpendicularity (90°) for reference measurement
  • Cavity of Dies be well-polished without dents, scratches or extra metal match

Dimensional Check/Inspection of Dies

Inspection both visually and dimensionally are carries out before wax pattern injection and wax pattern after injection.

Metallographic Laboratory

Metallurgical microscope with arrangements for photomicrography, micro-hardness testing and image analyzing. Reference Radiographs for X-ray inspection & checking.

Standard Room

Air-conditionaed and fully equipped Standard Room with Co-ordinate Measuring Machine for dimensional checking of machined and unmachined castings with records for calibration of instruments and guages.

Non-Destructive Testing

In-house Facilities for Magnetic Particle Inspection and Liquid Penetrate Inspection, together with well developed recognized ancillary facilities for Radiography.

Chemical Laboratory

Well equipped Laboratory with Spectrometer for analyzing all chemical elements.

Physical Testing

Universal Tensile Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine and Machines to measure Brinnell, Rockwell and Vickers hardness.