Needless to say that in the contemporary technological age the observance of material specification, Process, Quality and delivery conditions is a must. None of these conditions can be achieved without a quality control system.

  • Increases productivity & cost-effectiveness.
  • Shorter lead time for sample development.
  • Casting parts are made with inherent soundness, superior density, uniformity & strength, better physical properties as compared with other casting process.
  • Our vision is to grow with the customers and maintain long term business relationship.
  • Close dimensional tolerance & almost near to net shape with precise dimensional control.
  • Flexibility for range – Large / Medium / Small series – all can be produced.
  • Quick response to inquiries / RFQs.

Process Comparison with various processes

Process Design Freedom Tolerance Capability Alloy Selection Size Range
Investment Casting Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Die Casting Excellent Excellent Fair Good
Forging Good Fair Good Fair
Sand Casting Good Fair Good Good
Fabrication Fair Fair Fair Fair
Process Lead Time Surface Finish Tool Cost Machining Cost
Investment Casting Medium Excellent Average Low
Die Casting Long Excellent High Low
Forging Short Fair High High
Sand Casting Long Fair Low High
Fabrication Long Fair Low Medium